Welcome to the top of Copenhagen

A journey worth taking...

Elevated 76 meters above Copenhagen – a beacon for Ørestad’s architectural playground – you will find SUKAIBA. Much more than just a restaurant, it is an ambiance. Perhaps one of the most un-Danish places you will find in Denmark.

Despite many ingredients being locally sourced, we draw inspiration from near and far. Classic European culinary craftsmanship with a nod to the captivating mystique of the Far East. Bartenders shake and mix with an eye for trends from the world’s bustling metropolises. All served in smoldering and sensual surroundings, where we aim to create guest experiences with equal parts local immersion and global outlook.

SUKAIBA is the place for those who know that pure indulgence is not always right around the corner. On the contrary, memorable meals often require a glimpse of new destinations. A bit further out, a bit higher up. A place where the moment gains new perspective, where we lower our guard and give something of ourselves. To the meal and to each other.

You can admire SUKAIBA from below, but the experience is truly complete from above. Come for the food, for our cocktails, or simply for the good company.

Whatever the occasion, we say with confidence that SUKAIBA is a journey worth taking.

In the dining room

Jacob Brink Lauridsen (b. 1985) helms the dining room of SUKAIBA. With decades of experience in developing, driving, and teaching service and hospitality in Denmark and abroad, Jacob has a very specific goal in terms of what a visit to SUKAIBA should entail:

“We want to create a restaurant and a mood, which is thoroughly sexy. Simple as that. Up close and personal in way not only concerned with fulfilling the guest’s expectations, but also with surprising them in terms of generosity and personal consideration on an unexpected level.

To me, providing great service is a question of many things. Of course, you need to know how to serve and pour properly, but perfection isn’t always top priority. There should also be room for mistakes as long as you know how to get things back on track through sincere acts of creativity and empathy.

The top priority should rather be the ability and willingness to give a piece of oneself in the relation between guest and host. Fleeting as that moment may be. To ensure that the experience isn’t merely about food and wine but about human contact itself. My goal is for people to think “when can I come again?”, even before they’re out the door.”

Jacob’s own journey: Sønderho Kro, Noma, Taller, Molskroen, Alchemist, The Silo

Benjamin Udsen Armfelt
Louie Grabowski