Welcome to the top of Copenhagen

A journey awaits

Lounging 76 meters above the Danish capital in the architectural and cultural playground of the Ørestad city district, SUKAIBA isn’t just a restaurant but a mood: The most un-Copenhagen you’ll find in Copenhagen. Sure, much of our produce is locally sourced but just about everything else we do is rooted in cultures and desires born thousands of miles away in the furthest of easts. SUKAIBA is a love letter to all things Asian wrapped in a smoldering setting sure to set senses ablaze. To put it short: Dinner with a view never looked so good. 

We’re the place to go for those who know that the rarest treats aren’t always to be found right around the corner. On the contrary, sometimes the most memorable meals call for a trip to new destinations. A bit further out, a bit further up. Providing a brand-new perspective. Sure, you can admire us from beneath, but new chapters await when you decide to indulge in us from above. Be it for our food, our cocktails, or simply the great company. 

No matter the occasion we’re confident in saying, SUKAIBA is dining worth the journey.